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The ‘Thaimee Love’ Brand

Thaimee Love was created by Hong Thaimee, a chef, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who has served as a global ambassador for Thai cuisine and culture for nearly a decade. She’s been on Food Networks “Iron Chef”, cooked at the James Beard House as well as New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, and her restaurant was named Best Thai Food in NYC by The Village Voice.


In 2021, Hong Thaimee debuted Thaimee Love, a restaurant and meal kit services that specializes in “Baan Baan” cuisine. Chef Hong wanted her brand to truly feel like a home-cooked meal because Thaimee Love is built on replicating the comforting, home-style Northern Thai dishes that she grew up on. She wanted the restaurants name and logo to imbue sophistication and passion in a way that was just as unique as the flavors of her homeland. Ultimately, we decided to use her own handwriting for the "love" aspect of the logo to help accomplish this goal. We wanted the food to do the talking versus the brand image so the stylistic design, photography direction, and color palette is all intentionally minimalistic and humble to help curate the brand's narrative. These design choices help consumers focus on what matters most - high quality ingredients and a fully authentic Thai cuisine experience that makes you feel like you're Chef Hong's best friend and casually eating in her dining room.

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