Branding Graphic Design Interiors

Marvelous Market

Marvelous Market opened in 1990 and was a district staple throughout the Washington D.C. area for 25+ years. It served as the communities go-to neighborhood food market known for providing anything from healthy comfort food and delicious handmade baked goods to crisp produce and nourishing coffee.


With 12 different locations around Washington D.C and Northern Virginia, I was tasked with finding a way to cohesively rebrand Marvelous Market to ensure all of their markets had consistent branding, signage, aesthetics, layout, interior decor, etc. Some tasks included going to each location to identify and measure the signage that particular location had that needed to be replaced. I also photograph the stores interior and exterior for reference. Lastly, I got to help rebrand Marvelous Market and create all the new in-store graphic design elements and branding for each market(s) location.