Art Installations

Joyous Symphony Installation

Earp’s Ordinary is a lively space that sits at the heart of Fairfax City, VA. It is a live music and entertainment venue which also functions as a full-service restaurant and bar. Their mission is all about bringing the community together through art, good tunes, and great hospitality.


Earp's Ordinary offered me my creative freedom and only required that the piece displayed bring more light into the space and somehow relate to their music theme. With such a large wall and their large focus on local music, I built Joyous Symphony, a 12' guitar comprised of musical elements and musical instruments. The guitar is comprised of mosaicked recycled cds, harmonicas, dangling music notes, and record albums. The holographic nature of the music cds and custom LED backlighting help fill the space with light, rainbows, and happiness. The installed LED lights even have the option to move to the tempo of the music they play and which adds an interactive element during their open mic nights.

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    Earp's Ordinary