Graphic Design

Dojo Bali Guidebook

Dojo Bali is a beachside space to connect, work, collaborate, and surf and is rated Canggu’s top coworking spot for its melting pot community of inspiring individuals from all over the globe. They host workshops, BBQs, networking and inspirational events, and social meetups.


I was hired to spend 30 days in Canggu exploring the city to then create a guidebook and digital eBook about my experiences. I wrote about topics such as; where to go, what to do, what to avoid, cool places to get tattoos, spirituality, spas, cultural rituals, happy hour specials, must-do scenic drives and swimming holes, etc. all while working out of Dojo Bali. I then designed the guidebook geared towards "Global hobo's traveling to Bali on a budget" which featured my findings, photography, and other helpful travel tips.