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Graphic Design

Massican Social Branding

Massican was established in 2009 with the singular vision to be Napa Valley only white wine winery that transports the drinker to another time and place...

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The ‘Thaimee Love’ Brand

Thaimee Love was created by Hong Thaimee, a chef, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who has served as a global ambassador for Thai cuisine and culture for nearly...

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    Thaimee Love

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Identity and branding is more than just a logo or a color palette. It is the visual embodiment of your company and it sets the tone...

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Liberation Coffee House

Liberation Coffee House is a 1,600-square-foot café and community space operated by graduates of the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s intergenerational Culinary Arts program. It launched in...

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Dojo Bali Guidebook

Dojo Bali is a beachside space to connect, work, collaborate, and surf and is rated Canggu’s top coworking spot for its melting pot community of inspiring...

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Paradigm Project Report

The Paradigm Project is a social enterprise that delivers social, economic and environmental value within developing countries. They delivering real impact, long-term sustainability and an opportunity...

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ASCRS Annual Report

The ASCRS Foundation supports physician education and provides humanitarian cataract surgery in the US and overseas. Through its programs and partnerships, the Foundation works to maximize...

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Marvelous Market

Marvelous Market opened in 1990 and was a district staple throughout the Washington D.C. area for 25+ years. It served as the communities go-to neighborhood food...

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Be Right Burger

brb® be right burger™ is all about a delicious “made to order” menu of high-quality burgers, sandwiches & sides alongside premium frozen custard items. be right...

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